Alaska Silver Salmon Fishing

Welcome to the last frontier for Silver Salmon on the fly. From early August to mid-October Aleutian Rivers Angling’s Sapsuk River (some call it the Hoodoo River) is home to one of Alaska’s healthiest runs of Silver salmon.  These are powerful chrome fish up to 18 pounds that aggressively take a fly, test your tackle, and keep you coming back for more.

Our river’s long runs and deep pools are perfectly sized for effective flyfishing.  You will find a good variety of water suitable for both spey rod and single hander, with experienced professional guides to show you the way.  The fish are big, grabby, and fresh from the sea.  Camp is perfectly situated in the heart of the best water the Sapsuk has to offer, with great fishing within walking distance.

Our guests average around 10-25 Silver salmon per day.  This Silver run is prolific and large for its size with the average Silver being 8-10lbs, and topping out at 15-18lbs.

These Silvers are aggressive and top water fishing can be incredible.

The Sapsuk also has a very late Chum salmon run.  In the first weeks of the  Silver Salmon run (up to about Aug 23th) you will also have great Chum salmon fishing with sea lice Chums coming in with the Silvers.

We also have some good Dolly Varden fishing this time of year and a few resident Rainbows.  You will definitely want to bring your 5 weight to fish for them when you have had your fill of Silvers.