Fly Fishing for King Salmon on the Famous Sapsuk ‘Hoodoo’ River

Welcome to the last frontier for Chinook salmon on the fly!  There is nothing like swinging flies for Kings.   From mid-June to mid-July Aleutian Rivers Angling’s Sapsuk River (some call it the Hoodoo River) is home to one of Alaska’s healthiest remaining runs of king salmon.  These are powerful chrome fish up to 40 pounds that aggressively take a fly, test your tackle, and keep you coming back for more.  Catch and release regulations ensure that this world-class fishery will remain productive for years to come.

Our river’s long runs and deep pools are perfectly sized for effective fly fishing.  You will find a good variety of water suitable for both spey rod and single hander, with experienced professional guides to show you the way.  The fish are big, grabby, and fresh from the sea.  Camp is perfectly situated in the heart of the best water the Sapsuk has to offer, with great fishing within walking distance.

This is the most productive wild King Salmon fishery we know of, and we have fished a lot of rivers.  Throughout the King Salmon run we had guests also catch Sockeye salmon.  The Sockeye are some of the most aggressive Sockeye salmon we have seen.  We also catch jack Kings (under 20 inches), and a reasonable number of Chum salmon later in the run.  The King salmon on the Sapsuk will exceed 40lbs, and 30lbs are a every day occurrence for the camp.

The King run on the Sapsuk is healthy.  The King Salmon have sustained a productive run over the past decade.