In general it is good to bring 16-24 of the recommended flies with you. Guides do have flies at camp but more as a backup in case you run out, and to try unique patterns. Guides have leader material with them, and the camp does have backup rods if you break yours.

Our guides highly recommend spey or switch rods for this river, especially for King, and Steelhead season. Yes, you can fish a single handed rod during all seasons though, but spey rods tend to be more effective at covering the water. Our guides do love to teach spey fishing, and it is a pretty easy river to spey fish.


  • Spey Rods: 8-10 wt, 11-13 ft
  • Short Skagit headsto fit rod
  • Your choice of shooting line (We prefer mono)
  • Sink Tips: 10 ft of T8, T11 and T14
  • 20 lb level leader (We prefer Maxima Ultragreen)
  • Flies: Signature Intruder: chartreuse, pink/orange, purlple/black; Squidro: black/chartreuse, salmon; Jumbo Critter: black/blue, pink/orange; Trailer Trash: blue/chartreuse, black/blue; Egg Sucking Leaches in black, Hoh-bo Spey: black/blue… We use brighter flies early in the season, and smaller darker flies later in the season.


  • Spey Rods: 7-8 wt, 11-13 ft
  • Short skagit heads to fid rod
  • Your choice of shooting line (We prefer mono)
  • Sink tips: 10 ft MOW 5/5 in T11, 10 ft T8, T11 and a 10 ft floating tip
  • 15 lb level leader (Supplied by your guide)
  • Flies: Basic rabbit leeches w/flash in Pink/Chartreuse/Purple, Dali Llamas in Pink/Chartreuse and Purple, Top water Wogs and Prom Dress type flash flies


  • Spey rods: 7-8 wt, 11-13 ft.
  • Short Skagit head to fit rod
  • Shooting line (we like mono)
  • Level 15 lb leader (supplied by guide)
  • Sink tips: 10 ft MOW 5/5, 10 ft of T8 and T11 and a 10 ft floating tip
  • Flies: Intruder style, black, purple, black/purple, black ESL, River Rat Squid (pink/orange, black/blue), Skaters.

TROUT AND DOLLIES: (Early Season )

  • Rods: Switch (11-12ft.) and Single hand rods both 5-6wt.
  • Short Skagit lines, floating tip, 10 ft 5/5 MOW, T8
  • Shooting line (we prefer mono)
  • Flies: ESL, Sculpins, Buggers, Mice


  • Rods: Single hand 5-6 wt floating lines
  • Bead fishing under a strike indicator


  • Cleats and wading staff are strongly encouraged for Steelhead Season
  • Leaders are always provided by your guide(s)
  • Foul hooked fish need to immediately be broken off
  • 25 lb fish boxes are available to take home during Silver Season only
  • Gratuities: Generally 15% of trip price, please bring cash as there are no credit card services on site. All gratuities are divided equally among all staff members.