In general it is good to bring 16-24 of the recommended flies with you. Guides do have flies at camp but more as a backup in case you run out, and to try unique patterns. Guides have leader material with them, and the camp does have backup rods if you break yours.


  • Spey Rods: 8-10 wt, 11-13 ft
  • Short Skagit headsto fit rod
  • Your choice of shooting line (We prefer mono)
  • Sink Tips: 10 ft of T8, T11 and T14
  • 20 lb level leader (We prefer Maxima Ultragreen)
  • Flies: Signature Intruder: chartreuse, pink/orange, purlple/black; Squidro: black/chartreuse, salmon; Jumbo Critter: black/blue, pink/orange; Trailer Trash: blue/chartreuse, black/blue; Egg Sucking Leaches in black, Hoh-bo Spey: black/blue… We use brighter flies early in the season, and smaller darker flies later in the season.


  • Spey Rods: 7-8 wt, 11-13 ft
  • Short skagit heads to fid rod
  • Your choice of shooting line (We prefer mono)
  • Sink tips: 10 ft MOW 5/5 in T11, 10 ft T8, T11 and a 10 ft floating tip
  • 15 lb level leader (Supplied by your guide)
  • Flies: Basic rabbit leeches w/flash in Pink/Chartreuse/Purple, Dali Llamas in Pink/Chartreuse and Purple, Top water Wogs and Prom Dress type flash flies


  • Spey rods: 7-8 wt, 11-13 ft.
  • Short Skagit head to fit rod
  • Shooting line (we like mono)
  • Level 15 lb leader (supplied by guide)
  • Sink tips: 10 ft MOW 5/5, 10 ft of T8 and T11 and a 10 ft floating tip
  • Flies: Intruder style, black, purple, black/purple, black ESL, River Rat Squid (pink/orange, black/blue), Skaters.

TROUT AND DOLLIES: (Early Season )

  • Rods: Switch (11-12ft.) and Single hand rods both 5-6wt.
  • Short Skagit lines, floating tip, 10 ft 5/5 MOW, T8
  • Shooting line (we prefer mono)
  • Flies: ESL, Sculpins, Buggers, Mice


  • Rods: Single hand 5-6 wt floating lines
  • Bead fishing under a strike indicator


  • Cleats and wading staff are strongly encouraged for Steelhead Season
  • Leaders are always provided by your guide(s)
  • Foul hooked fish need to immediately be broken off
  • 25 lb fish boxes are available to take home during Silver Season only
  • Gratuities: Generally at 10-15% of trip price, please bring cash as there are no credit card services on site. All gratuities are divided equally among all staff members.