Steelhead and Silver Salmon Season

How many fishing camps in Alaska offer a Steelhead and Silver salmon season, and only have a camp capacity of 4 guests at our Sapsuk Camp and 2 guests at our Steelhead Camp.  Our Steelhead season is still somewhat exploratory, but they are definitely in the system with good numbers.  We have Steelhead runs in our 3 fisheries we fish from late September to mid-October.  We can have some exceptional days, and you always have Silver Salmon as a back up.  This is not our prime time for Silver, but they continue to trickle in.

Come help us explore this fascinating fishery!

While we hate to talk numbers, especially about a newer fishery.  A fisherman can expect to catch 4-8 Silvers a day along with 0-10 Steelhead a day.  That makes for a very unique and fun day.

As we only take 18 guests total for this whole Steelhead season, plan early.  We hope to fish with you this fall.