Steelhead Cr. Base Camp

Our remote Steelhead Creek Base Camp is located 40 miles west of Nelson Lagoon, where this awesome stream enters the Bering Sea. Newly refurbished in 2018, this facility offers excellent accommodations, plus an incredible opportunity to fish for salmon, steelhead, and Dollies that have just arrived from the ocean. We only book a maximum of 2 GUESTS PER WEEK at this camp, so you’ll have all of this awesome water to yourself!

We operate the Steelhead Creek Base Camp separately from our Sapsuk River facility during the 3 weeks of our fall steelhead season. You will be hosted by a staff of one, which includes an experienced, professional guide who will also be your “chef”. Access is via all-terrain vehicles that travel along the beaches of the Bering Sea; the scenic, hour-long trip through this unspoiled wilderness landscape offers great opportunities for beach combing and wildlife viewing en route to camp. 


Fishing the Bering Sea Streams

Steelhead Creek is a relatively shallow system that’s easily waded, and this stream is ideal for fishing with single hand or switch rods. Anglers cast streamers into deeper pockets formed in stream bends and along cut banks; the best water here is located adjacent to camp, and you’ll be fishing for fresh steelhead that move in and out of the stream during the incoming and outgoing tides. With the assistance of our talented guide, much of the angling involves sight casting to visible chromers only yards from the Bering Sea, and hooked fish can run deep into the reel backing as they try to escape back into the ocean… imagine landing your catch between the surf waves!

Our guests will also fish another equally productive stream located a short distance from the base camp. Access to this system is dependent on the tides, so angling here will be according to time periods when travel to and from this location will be safe. As you transit the beach, keep an eye out for steelhead and salmon swimming near the shore – you’ll be able to stop and cast to these fish too!

Steelhead in these beach systems average 27 to 30 inches in length, and they explode from the water and dash away in long runs upon feeling the hook. Guests will also encounter slab-sided silver salmon, big Dolly Varden char, and nice sized resident rainbow trout along with these mint-bright steelies.

All fishing is done with our licensed guides. This camp is run with a 2:1 guest to guide ratio.  Both rivers offer an array of fishing possibilities and depending on the time of year,  the river will be teeming with Silver Salmon and Steelhead. Rainbow trout are also available as well.  These creeks can be incredibly productive for both Steelhead and Silvers.  

If this camp does not look like good fit for you, you may want to consider the Sapsuk Camp or one of our other Alaska Fly Fishing Lodges Lodges