Community of Nelson Lagoon:

Nelson Lagoon, a beautiful, small community situated on the Bering Sea coast, is the starting point of our clients’ fishing adventure! While all sport fishing is conducted some distance from Nelson Lagoon, it is considered the initial “base of operations” as it provides local airport, fuel, and storage facilities.

Sapsuk and Steelhead Fish Camps:

Our fishing camps provide our clients with a clean and comfortable place to stay while on their fishing adventure. All of our Weatherport tents rest on raised wooden platforms overlooking the rivers. The sleep tents are outfitted with solar powered lights and basic furnishings such as easy chairs, padded sleeping cots and fly-tying tables. We provide fresh towels, sleeping bags, liners and pillows for each guest. Just a short stroll down the connecting boardwalk, guests can find the camp’s modern take on the traditional Alaskan outhouse. The facilities are outfitted with solar powered lights, vanity, sink, and private hot showers. Again, the accommodations are basic and offer little beyond the standard amenities, but they do provide a clean and comfortable place to relax after a long day of fishing.

Meals At the Sapsuk and Steelhead Camps:

Meals at the Sapsuk and Steelhead Camps are prepared and served daily by our local chef. We serve our guests three square meals a day in a buffet/homestyle setting, with snacks and beverages made available throughout the day. While we strive to utilize fresh ingredients flown in weekly from Anchorage, the meals at the camps are not necessarily intended to be gourmet, just good, hearty meals. Typical items on the dinner menu may include fresh salads and breads, hearty homemade soups and stews, steaks, roasts, chicken, king crab and halibut.